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10 services to benefit the residents of Howard County.


Need to see a doctor, but don't have insurance or the money?

The doctor-donated care program is currently for uninsured adults with lower to moderate income. The program is designed to:

  • Place patients with physicians for their primary healthcare needs.

  • Connect patients with specialty doctors through referrals.

Copay to Primary Physician: $20/visit*

Copay to Specialty Physician: $25/visit*

*Paid to the Provider

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Dental Surgery


Have a tooth that has been bothering you, but no insurance to get it fixed?

This program is designed to help those who do not have insurance and have lower to moderate income. The dentist-donated care program is provided by local dentists in our community. We focus on pain relief and the extraction of teeth if needed. We can also help with getting dentures. This program does not include restorative or preventative care.

Copay for Extractions: $25*

Copay for Dentures: $50*

*Paid at time of Project Access appointment


Are you diabetic or suffering from another chronic illness?

We offer advice regarding wellness, nutrition, and fitness to those in need.


One-on-one Coaching, Resources, Counseling, Education, Supplies, and Medication

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes


Having trouble finding a way to pay for your long-term medications?

This program exists to help the uninsured and those with lower to moderate income. Our medication assistance program helps people with medications taken on a daily basis for chronic illnesses.

We check to see if your medications are currently available through various pharmaceutical companies. Typically, we help with blood pressure medications, insulin, thyroid medications, and seizure medications.


Don't have insurance or don't understand your current policy?

Our licensed health navigators are here to help with a variety of health insurance related needs.

We help enroll individuals in many different types of insurance, such as HIP 2.0 and Marketplace.

If you already have insurance, we can help you better understand your current policy.

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Are you having trouble affording the medical equipment and supplies that you need?

Community members frequently donate supplies to Project Access. We give them to those in need.


An up-to-date list of items is on the Medical Equipment & Supplies page under "Current Inventory".

In addition, we have a constant supply of diabetic equipment.


These events are held throughout the community and are open to the public.

Call for the dates and times of:

  • Cholesterol screenings

  • Glucose screenings

  • Blood pressure readings

  • BMI calculations

  • Mental health assessments

  • Health insurance education

  • Diabetic coaching sessions

Checking Blood Pressure
Hearing Aid


Need hearing aids, but don't have the money or insurance that will cover them?

To be eligible, your household income must be under 200% of this year's federal poverty level. This program only offers behind-the-ear hearing aids. Project Access's services are complete once the hearing aids are purchased and the audiologist has completed the final hearing test.

Copay at time of application: $50 or $100 (based on sliding income scale)


Need eyeglasses, but don't have the money or the insurance?

Project Access pays for Medicaid single/double vision prescription glasses only. We do not pay for any scratch resistance, shading, or name brand glasses. Any additional fees past the Medicaid rate will have to be paid by the patient at the time of the initial appointment. We do not pay for any repairs needed after the glasses have been purchased.

Copay at time of application: $30 or $50 (based on sliding income scale)

Eye Test

Volunteers, Interns, Externs

Need an internship, but not quite sure what interests you?

Project Access has multiple programs that can be tailored to meet your professional development goals. Whether you have an interest in computer technology, health, marketing, web design, office administration, etc., you have come to the right place!

We are now accepting candidates with original concepts as well as creative educational program experience.

By the end of your intern/extern/volunteer experience, you will receive a HIPAA compliance training certification and a personalized success portfolio highlighting your Project Access achievements. 

Visit the Volunteers, Interns, Externs page for more information